About Nalino

Nalino, a symbol of Iranian ingenuity, is proud to be recognized as the first official producer of standard and authentic cast-iron cookware in Iran.

This brand is registered and owned by the Paniz Sazan Dana company and with the management of Mr. Hossein Ghantar, it has played a considerable role in the production of genuine Iranian products and has helped the economy and self-sufficiency of Iran over time. The ways of entrepreneurship have continued in Nalino for generations. Now, Mr. Hossein Ghantar, one of our top entrepreneurs, is continuing this path with the help of a young, ambitious, and hard-working staff in order to make fine products that are suitable for Iranian consumers.

Paniz Sazan Dana initially introduced its products to the market in 19791 by producing different types of aluminum cookware in a variety of sizes with the goal of entrepreneurship and development of domestic production. This group started its activities as the first producer of kitchen utensils via the deep drawing process in 19951. In 20071, to come along with scientific, technical, and production progresses and to diversify and improve this industry, the company started producing non-stick cookware through the die casting process and began providing them for the consumers as the Nalino brand.

This company uses experienced experts, modern technologies, and modern molding machines to design the molds for its utensils and uses advanced machines to make them. All of the cookware are made by using safe and lead-free aluminum alloy, have excellent quality, and come in various sizes.

Additionally, to further develop its production activities, improve the variety of the products, and increase the health and safety of the consumers, this company has started working on the production of cast-iron cookware since 20141 and after going through the necessary prototyping processes and quality tests, it has started efficient and mass production of these products and has been providing them for its dear customers ever since.

Currently, Nalino is the only producer of cast-iron and non-stick cookware in the country.

Some of the benefits of using these types of cookware are that they maintain heat and transmit it to the food gradually, maintain the nutritional value of the food, maintain the taste of the food, cook the food thoroughly, and also allow the food to be cooked without oil.

It’s worth mentioning that in order to improve the quality of the products and to only provide top quality products that can rival similar foreign products, Paniz Sazan Dana has established a modern laboratory. By completely following standardization rules, the company became the first producer of cast-iron cookware that has received the license to use the national standard symbol and the ISO9001:2008 international certificate.

With the development and expansion of the laboratory activities and also because of our precise and optimum performance, the lab has been chosen as an associated lab of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (with the certification number of T/2778 on February 16th, 2015) so that we can provide appropriate and suitable services for the producers of non-stick kitchen utensils.


The following are some of the achievements and certificates in the golden record of Nalino:

  • The first and only producer of authentic cast-iron cookware in Iran in 20111.
  • The first and only producer of non-stick glass utensils (pyrex glass) in 20161.
  • Top brand of the aluminum industry of Iran in 20131.
  • Top brand of the aluminum industry of Iran in 20151.
  • Top national entrepreneur of 20181.
  • Top unit regarding standardization in Iran in 20181.
  • Associated lab of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.
  • ISO17025 certificate from the National Accreditation Center of Iran.
  • ISO9001:2015 certificate from the TUV of Germany.
  • CE certificate of the European Union.
  • Research and Development (R&D) certificate.
  • Health and safety license from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.
  • Production health and safety license from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.